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Image Result For Craig Mack

Craig Jamieson Mack was an American rapper from Brentwood, New York. Craig Mack, the Long Island rapper who found fame on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records in the mid s, hasd at age , his producer confirmed to . New York bred Rapper Craig Mack, who broke out in with Flava In Ya Ear, hasd in his adopted home state of South Carolina. Richard Harvey, the . AM PT Diddy just released a statement on Mack’s passing, saying, “Craig Mack, you were the first artist to release music on Bad Boy and gave us our . Craig Mack, one of the artists who laid the foundation for Bad Boy Records, hasd, the label’s former director of marketing Michelle Joyce confirmed to CNN.. Craig Mack knew he was dying, at least for several months, from congestive heart failure according to his close friend, Erick Sermon. The ‘s MC broke . Craig Mack, the rapper whose “Flava in Ya Ear,” one of the most important rap songs of the s, helped build the foundation for Bad Boy Records, one .Craig Mack, a breakout star in the golden age of s hip hop who scored a platinum hit with “Flava in Ya Ear,” hasd in South Carolina. He was . The former .

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